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Hair Drug Testing: Knowing Ways of Passing This Test

Do you want to carry out drug testing on employees but don’t know what method to use? For those who share similar sentiments, they are advised to consider the hair follicle drug testing. In case you want to learn more of it, then peruse this article further.

As the name implies, this is one laboratory procedure used in ascertaining the presence of various types of drugs in the body of an individual. Examples of specimens utilized by various laboratories include urine, blood and saliva. Nevertheless, this particular procedure is limited simply because it can only detect fewer illicit substances such as marijuana, PCP, amphetamine, codeine, and heroin. To resolve this problem, hair drug testing technology is created. Today, you can find lots of individuals who prefer to use hair drug testing procedure due to its effectiveness in determine various illicit drugs aside from the ones mentioned beforehand and these include pain killers, benzodiazepines, and much more. Nowadays, it is already common to see organizations and companies requiring mandatory drug testing on their employees due to the rising cases of drug addiction everywhere.

Knowing the Meaning of Hair Follicle Drug Test

As the name implies, this is a type of drug testing method that utilizes our body’s hair follicles to determine and to detect the presence of various drug substances in our bodies.

What Are Its Benefits?

This technique is effective in the sense that it can detect and can determine the abusive substances consumed by a person, even if he or she had consumed it for about three months already. This procedure also has the ability in identifying the rate of consuming these drugs. Though, this is one expensive procedure, it is worth the investment you make because of the accurate results it gives.

How It Is Done?

This procedure works by measuring the amount of illicit substances found in a person’s hair follicles. Laboratory technologists determine the traces of drug metabolites and drug molecules found in their hair. These traces are formed whenever the metabolized drugs moved in the subjects’ blood streams and these are used in nourishing their hair follicles. There is no worry about manipulating the results because medical technologists used only small amounts to trace drug substances. You can get hair samples from various parts of your body like the underarms, arms, head, face, and legs.

Pointers in Passing This Particular Drug Test

1. Before you undergo this test, be sure to familiarize how it works, including the drug substances commonly tested.

2. You should deter taking or consuming medicines and drugs that contain these chemical substances.

3. In case you are among those who are under medications or have consumed certain prescription medications less than three months, then you should apply vinegar on your hair, let it set between 15 and 20 minutes, and rinse it with water, and after rinsing, you can then proceed by applying your preferred shade of hair dye.

Follow the tips above to pass the hair follicle drug testing with flying colors.
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