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What Are The Common Challenges Faced By Propellers?

As a boat owner, you must be aware of the difficulties and the challenges of maintaining it. If you have an errand that you need to handle, you need to make sure that your boat is in excellent condition. The challenge may get more significant if you have a huge boat, as it has many things that need to be checked.

One of the critical parts of your boat is the propeller. The propellers play a critical role in moving your boat when sailing. The main determinant of the number of propellers in a boat is its size. It’s very common to come across boats that have only two propellers.

If you own a boat, you should be prepared to face some challenges. Recent research shows that many propellers tend to malfunction most of the time, which may pose a significant risk. If you suspect that the propellers are not working well, make sure you consider the following options;

Is the Propeller Clogged?

Whenever something blocks a propeller, it may experience problems functioning as required. Sea weeds and other ocean trash are usually responsible for this problem. The blocking of the propeller often results from the trash and seaweed getting stuck between the propeller. After identifying the things that are blocking your propeller, it’s time to contact someone who has the experience in eliminating the problem.

Weathering of the Propeller

The propeller may break down after using it for a long time without replacing it. It’s common for your propeller to malfunction after going for years without proper maintenance and repair. Using an old propeller is not the right thing for anyone. The worst thing that can happen to you is using an old propeller that can break down any time.

Rust in Propellers

When there is significant rust on the propeller, it may result in it failing to perform as needed. Propellers may break down completely when there is an accumulation of the rust. It’s advisable for you to keep checking the condition of the propellers more often. People are always encouraged to make sure they invest in stainless steel props. Their ability to resist rust is one of the main reasons why you need to get them.

How big is the Propeller?

The common problem that we experience is when someone uses the wrong sized propellers on their boat. Before you decide to replace the propeller, make sure you know the fitting size that is needed for the boat to remain functional. The size of your load will determine the type of propellers that you need. Avoid using small propellers as they may not last longer.

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