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Types of Love

With so many different paths that one can take in life, you have the right of choosing the one you want. The longest path in human life is the one that is leading one to their heart. People who reject this type of path in their lives find it difficult to find the path again. Accepting it will be the best thing you can do to your life helping you to live a happy and comfortable life.

A lot of people today have changed the way of their thinking because of the falling relationships we are experiencing today. And promise ourselves not to love again. However, it is hard to live without loving. Through the Bible, human being get to learn different types of love that should be shown to one another.

All Christians should follow these since it is what God wants us to do. However, not everyone who has some knowledge on these type of loves. The feeling we have for different types of people has its own type of love. However, if we get to follow all these types of love, then it will be the best thing Christians can do.

The following are some of the different types of love that are mentioned and taught in the bible.
Eros is a type of love. A lot of people in different parts of the world are exercising Eros love. It is also known as passionate or sexual love. Eros love is best observed when people of different gender fall in love with one another. Having some romantic love with your relatives is a sin, you should not exercise Eros love with any of your relatives. However, Eros love is being violated by many people in different ways. It is wrong for people of the same gender to fall in love with one another.

Another type of love is storge. It is used in the New Testament. It is the kind of love we have for our relatives or family. During birth we obtain this type of love to. However, there are some of us who would choose not to love some of their relatives. In most families, we experience a lot of enmity to an extent of not speaking to one another or seeing one another. It is important to love our relatives because most of the time you find out that they are people whom you grew up with.

Philia. This type of love is not mentioned in the bible. However, it is the love that grows whenever we have a companionship or friendship with other people. Philia easily develops whenever one has the same interests, shares some time, has the same vision, and have the same experiences with another person. Philia is gained whenever we find a common thing with one another. You can choose to have or not to have philia.

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